Stuff at work

The technologies I use the most:



A lot of experience, mainly working with React & Next.js these days. Classical love/hate relationship with the JS ecosystem, using Deno where I can.


I've built microservices, CLIs, and daemons with Go. Loving the language for its simplicity. My go-to after TypeScript.


I learned Python + Django about a decade ago, and also built stuff with PyQt. Nowadays when I'm using Python, it's for ML (PyTorch/ORT).


Got started in the beginning of 2021! Especially Interested in the WebAssembly aspect. Considering it for backend stuff.


I try to containerize everything I can & adhere to 12-factor app principles. Building from Alpine images where possible.


Self-hosted GitOps is pretty sweet. Running bare-metal & k3s.

Helm / Helmfile

I'm using helmfile for every microservice I deploy - an amazing tool, which makes handling staging & production comfortable.

GitLab CI/CD

I'm using GitLab CI/CD for work projects, writing pretty much every stage of the pipeline.

Hobby horses

What I work on in my spare time:


I'm a core maintainer of Catppuccin, a community-driven pastel theme that aims to be the middle ground between low and high contrast themes. You're looking at its color scheme right now!

Farbenfroh, which is using Rust (btw) to make your wallpapers match your colour scheme. 

Check out the source code  if you're interested!

Quit feeding the kraken

I'm hosting a few privacy proxies:

I firmly believe that not participating in social media is good for your mental health, but these services help if you want to occasionally take a look what's going on.

If you want an account to access these proxies, .

Photos by Daniel Olah.  Unsplash

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